About Us

Melbourne Tiling and Flooring is here for all your flooring needs. If your home has been yearning for the perfect tiles but your wallet has been holding you back, you are in luck. Melbourne Tiling and Flooring is the place where both your wallet and your home can get what they are looking for- high quality tiles and affordable prices.

Our company is one that was created with creativity and love of tiles in mind. The experts who are a part of our team share the same interest and are thus, the perfect support you need when making a purchase. You’ll have access to mounds of information on the best tiling solution as well as a great deal of ideas on what tiles to select and what tiles work best in individual teams. Ask around, and you’ll hear that Melbourne Tiling and Flooring is one where excellent customer service is alive and kicking. Our aim is to please our customers and have them leave satisfied. In order to do so, we have to combine great service with a great product, which is just what we do. When working with us, you’ll be introduced to some of the friendliness, most polite and highly creative staff that Melbourne has to offer. Moreover, once things get going, and you’ve selected and installed new flooring in your home, you can rest assured that each time you lay eyes upon it, you’ll be pleased by the decision you made.

What do we have to offer:

We’ve got high quality products

With a wide selection of beautiful tiles, Melbourne Tiling and Flooring is just where you need to turn when tiling your home. The variety that we have in stock means that there’s no way that you won’t find a tiling option that fits your home perfectly. Whether you’ve got your eye on Ceramic tiles, Metal tiles or Stones tiles, Melbourne Tiling and Flooring should be where you start and end your journey. With the members of our team being as creative as they are, and having an eye for detail, you will be offered all the assistance you need to make the right decision, one that you won’t regret, not today, tomorrow, or for years to come. If you’re renovating your home or in the process of completing a newly built home, one of your main priorities will, undoubtedly, be to invest in flooring that is durable and flooring that won’t require changing after just a few years. The quality of our tiles as well as the tips and techniques that we offer each and every one of our clients, will ensure that this is just what you are afforded.



With our Marble tiles, adding a touch of nature to one’s home has never been easier. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate marble tiles into your kitchen, bathroom, or another area in your home, Melbourne Tiling and Flooring, can assist in ensuring that you get it right. Selecting the perfect Marble tiles can be difficult, with each tile carrying an individual pattern, the selection process is truly one for a professional. With the assistance of a Melbourne Tiling and Flooring agent, you can be certain that your decision will be hassle free, and also, the best one for your home.


Metal tiles not only look spectacular; they’re easy to clean and thus, are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens which know their fair share of spills and splashes. When it comes to a variety of designs, patterns and textures, Melbourne Tiling and Flooring has just the variety that you need. Feast your eyes upon the beauty that metal tiles have to offer, and you’ll know just why so many in Melbourne are turning to this option when looking to add a modern feel to their homes.


Durable, easy to clean and low maintenance, ceramic tiles have seen increasing popularity in Melbourne homes. This, however, doesn’t mean there’s no individuality when it comes to ceramic tiles. With the options that Melbourne Tiling and Flooring has to offer, bringing your personality and a sense of individuality to your home is easy. We have colours and styles, patterns and shapes galore. Don’t be afraid to get lost in the world of ceramic tiles when you’re with Melbourne Tiling and Flooring; the perfect tile will captivate you and bring you back to reality.

Great customer service

Excellent customer service is something that we at Melbourne Tiling and Flooring are also able to boast. Our intentions are always to leave our customers happy, and thus, greeting them with a smiling face and presenting them with an abundance of information is something that we never fail to do. When tiling one’s home, it’s important that knowledge of the flooring options as well as the level of maintenance required is known. At Melbourne Tiling and Flooring, we believe in information, and we believe that our customers should be given all the information they need to make the best decision possible.

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