An elegant design for an elegant home can be achieved through Marble flooring. This natural flooring option is one that many Melbourne home owners are turning to and when it comes to quality Marble tile, Melbourne Tiling and Flooring, is where you ought to turn. Once a thing only for the wealthy, Marble flooring can now be obtained for those home owners who are decorating with a strict budget in mind. How? At Melbourne Tiling and Flooring, we believe that even the slimmest budgets should be able to afford brilliance and thus, we’ve adjusted our prices to ensure that our customers get just what pleases their eyes at a price that pleases their pockets.

The advantages of choosing Marble

Offered in a wide range of colours, it is easy to match Marble tiles back to wall colour or cabinet, creating harmony throughout your entire kitchen or bathroom. Marble tiles are also available with multiple colours, which add even more creativity to tiling. In addition, uniqueness is something that is covered when Marble tiles are chosen. This natural flooring option is one that comes with slight variations in each piece and thus, no two tiles are exactly the same. However, this doesn’t mean that harmony won’t be created. Once you’re tiles are fitted together, you can guarantee that they’ll look absolutely spectacular.

Marble tiles can be polished

If you’re looking for a room that truly sparkles, one where there’s no limitation to the sheen that is produced, then the ideal option is Marble tiles. You can have your marble tiles polished, enhancing its colours and giving it just the smooth texture and shiny appearance that you hoped for. If you thought that such perfection was limited to home improvement magazines, you surely are wrong, because you too, can have the perfect marble tiles in your home.

Great for small bathrooms and kitchens

Due to the translucent quality of marble tiles, they’re the perfect flooring option to bring light to a room. Once hit at the right angle by sunlight, you’ll see your marble tiles take on a whole new look, transferring light and a spacious look to your bathroom or kitchen. Choosing this environmentally friendly flooring solution will have your home looking as radiant as it should.


If there’s one tiling option that Foyers willingly accept, it’s Marble. Not only will having marble in this area wow your guests, but it will wow you, time and time again. The variety of colours and tones complemented with the way it glows in the presence of light means that your foyer’s flooring will never cease to amaze. Known for their warmth and elegance, marble tiles are just what a home needs to accomplish that ‘homey’ feeling every home owner dreams of.


Maintaining marble tiles can be rather tricky and thus, it is important to consult with an expert before deciding on this option. If you haven’t already gained experience in dealing with Marble tiles and would like to know more, a Melbourne Tiling and Flooring expert would be more than happy to better acquaint you with the maintenance required for marble tiles. You can also find out about options such as polishing and sealing your tiles as well as what substances can be used to clean your marble tiles.

Melbourne Tiling and Flooring is the perfect place to purchase your Marble tiles. Our business is one that surrounds itself with quality and thus, our customers are guaranteed to receive the best when they shop with us. If you’re interested in Marble tiles but are uncertain whether or not it’s the best option for you, one of our professionals will be more than happy to assist you in the decision making process. We know our way around tiles, and we are never shy when it comes to giving suggestions, tips and ideas about flooring options.

Are you looking for affordability?

Tiling your home doesn’t have to put a substantial amount of pressure on your bank account, not
when you choose Melbourne Tiling and Flooring as your tile provider. We’re whom home owners turn to when they’re looking to combine affordable prices with exceptional quality. You’ll be astonished that adding such warmth and elegance to your home can be so affordable. Allow us to give you the pleasant surprises we have in store.

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