Grouting & Regrouting

Melbourne tiling gives unrivalled hard surface cleaning and rebuilding. We utilize forefront innovation to restore your tile & grout to new once more. We have built up a cleaning procedure for tiled floors that gives the mortgage holder and building proprietors the protection that their floors will be cleaned professionally. Our floor cleaning procedure is phenomenal. We utilize a weight washing framework composed particularly for tile & grout and normal stone.

We convey to you our completely independent portable plant including our own particular force. Our guaranteed, completely prepared expert will give you the best results conceivable and leave your property in clean so you don’t need to do anything. We guarantee you will see the distinction.

Our procedure for Tile & Grout Cleaning is as per the following:

  • Recognize the sort of tile or stone you have.
  • Test for any sealers/coatings that may have been connected to grout or tile.
  • Test to check whether your grout is sanded, un-sanded or epoxy.
  • Apply a specific cleaning arrangement let it sit for 10-15 minutes then we foment.
  • Flushing utilizing the Turbo high weight heated water independent cleaning and extraction instrument.
  • We then dry your floors with air movers and towels so your floor is prepared to utilize.
  • When dry you have the alternative to seal the grout.
  • At that point we altogether clean the range.

We take all the effort to do the tile and grout cleaning in a very efficient and professional way which would impress you and tell your friends and neighbours about our service.


Once in a while there is no other choice however to evacuate the old grout and supplant it with new. A standout amongst the most well-known issues we see is breaking and chipping grout around wet regions, for example, showers, bowls, kitchen sinks and so forth. The issue is, if left and not treated, water can soon saturate the splits and corner joints and work its way into the wooden encircling and additionally the floor, creating unsalvageable harm to your home and making it clammy and unfortunate. Tending to these issues right from the beginning won’t just fathom the presence of the grout however might likewise dodge impressive interruption and heightening repair costs later on.

Following quite a while of cleaning and utilizing unforgiving cleaning chemicals as a part of the shower, on the floor and on kitchen and clothing splashbacks, the grout destroys and turns out to be brittle and extremely permeable permitting mould spores to settle and grow a great deal all the more effortlessly. Via deliberately expelling the old grout from around the tiles with particular apparatus and afterward supplanting it with a sterilized hued grout, the outcomes will be basically stunning and convey new life to a generally condemned zone.

The initial phase in the re-grouting procedure is to evacuate all the silicone sealers in the desk area including the shower screen. At that point the grout is deliberately evacuated utilizing specific gear. When the grout is removed, the dividers are then treated to execute any mould spores and microorganisms sneaking behind the tiles. Next we re-grout the tiles utilizing a sterilized grout with an inherent mould inhibitor and sealant giving you genuine feelings of serenity and longer enduring results. At long last, shading coordinated clean review silicone with mould inhibitors is re-connected to the shower work space and glass screens.

In Melbourne and throughout Melbourne, “Melbourne Tiling” has become famous in providing services like tile grouting and re-grouting. So call us immediately and fix all the problems related to your tiles today.